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Prometheus: To See or Not to See? 

Warning: There might be a few spoilers, but don't worry, nothing big. I recently watched this movie in theaters, and I thought it would only be convenient to start off this new blog with a review. This isn't some well-worded, crafty, professional review. This is from one crazy person to another, real thoughts, real opinions. 

The whole movie is about two explorers who think they are summoned to find their creators.. or is it? The first thing I have to say about Prometheus is:

1. What the hell is this movie about? 
Is it about these explorers, the creators, or the freakishly human (and good-looking, might I add) robot? I couldn't tell. Just when I thought it was following some characters, it would begin to feel as if the movie wasn't really about them. Hmmm. 

2. Too predictable. 
So anyways, these people go on a mysterious planet into this large dome construction and you know what happens, like any alien movie, people die, blah blah. It was way too predictable, in my opinion. I sat there the whole time and told my husband what was about to happen, or vice versa (and usually I HATE when he does that!) 

3. Alien abortion. 
I'm not sure if I need to elaborate. The most trifling, appalling, down right disturbing operation takes place that seriously made me want to upchuck my way too salty popcorn. Was that supposed to be amusing? Were we supposed to enjoy watching that? 

4. Wrinkly man.  
Then, out of nowhere, the plot takes a wild "spin" and a wrinkly old man comes into the picture and now the movie is about him. Did I mention he just magically appeared on the ship in outer space.. Oh wait, he was "sleeping" the whole time. Which brought up another big question, why did he have to hide the whole time? Why couldn't he just go along on the journey with them? Wouldn't that make more sense? 

5. The ending.
I'm not going to spoil the ending for you, really because the ending is already spoiled. But I guess if you decide to watch this movie, you'll find out for yourself. Let's just say this wasn't one of those movies that you walk out of all chirpy and happy and wanting to go for drinks with your friends. Instead, you leave with a "Screw the earth!" attitude and you only want to go home, turn the lights down low, and mourn for the old man's wrinkles. 

There ya have it. My personal opinion of the movie Prometheus. Which I regretfully wasted $9.50 to go see. Instead of seeing this movie, go buy some wrinkle cream, which is really the only thing you will be thinking about when this movie is over anyways. 

Then again, this review is from the perspective of a crazy person, so maybe you will enjoy it. 


  1. Very great to look at and features a spot-on direction from Scott, but it seems like there was too many missed opportunities for this flick to be great. Instead, it just went for ok and that’s what bummed me out. Still, can’t say I didn’t enjoy myself. Nice review.

  2. That is definitely what disappointed me is that I had such high expectations that were diminished. And thank you Dtmmr!

  3. lol. I haven't seen that movie but I probably won't see it now.but That was funny Jay! who knew you were funny? also I like your use of the word "Trifling" haha