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Aiden's First Birthday Puppy Party!

I love parties.

Throwing them, attending them, planning them, I. just. love. parties.

A mommy-friend of mine suggested I add them to my blog so that I can pin them,  as that is where we both get most of our party planning inspiration! So, although it was two years ago, I'm going to share my son's first birthday party!

Hopefully it will help someone that might need some inspiration for their own party!

Aiden had a fantastic first birthday party! His theme was "Aiden's First Birthday Puppy Paw-ty!"

Of course as a new mom in West Little Rock I thought everything had to be monogrammed, so thanks to grandma and The Toggery we were all smocked up and set. 

To this day I still feel the need to put his name on everything. No chance for resale though, unfortunately. I've started sticking to just adding "A" to his things!

We had a great photographer, Bertiz Haile from Greenbrier, AR. All photo credits go to her!

Okay, so on to the decorations:
Here's a look at our Puppy Paw-ty!

I ordered the basic supplies including the banner from BigDotOfHappiness.Com
We loved the cake! Custom made by Mickey's in Little Rock

Super Easy! White Chocolate and Pretzels!

Aiden's guests wrote him a note in the above notebook. Every year I will have his guests write him something special, and give it to him at graduation!

All in all, we had a great first birthday party! For more pictures or inforation, feel free to find me on Facebook where you can see the whole album! I will try and do a better job of keeping up with his birthdays from now on! :)